aka People will lie to you and what to do about it

Cover of The Mom Test book
Cover of The Mom Test book

The Mom Test by Rob Fitzpatrick is one of my favorite books about user/customer interviews. It’s a practical guide to talking to customers. I tried to summarize the points that were most useful for my practice.

What I found particularly useful where examples of questions that are not useful (like “Would you buy a product that does X?”) and suggestions how to fix such questions.


This book talks about how you should not ask your mom if she will use your app. She will say yes, NOT BECAUSE SHE WILL USE IT, but because she ️❤️loves ❤️ you.

My experience with finding mentors and with different kinds of mentorship

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

Whenever I feel stuck or at a loss in my career I seek out advice. When I look back over the last decade, I’ve been incredibly lucky and received lots helpful guidance from many wonderful mentors.

I consider my graduate thesis advisor to be my first real career mentor. David helped me polish my writing, suggested improvements, and supported me when I was presenting my work at conferences. Aside from professors and managers I’ve had four other major sources of mentorship, all of them focused on my professional development as a designer.

The 4 sources of mentorship

  1. Design mentors at UX Academy
  2. Career mentors at…

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